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What kinds of products contain STÜKEN parts?

Deep-drawn parts and stamped parts from STÜKEN operate behind the scenes, but they are everywhere. STÜKEN components can be found in nearly all industrial sectors and technical products. Statistically speaking, every car in the world contains forty parts by STÜKEN. Components supplied by STÜKEN operate reliably and safely in consumer electronics and home appliances, mobile communication devices, valves, and medical and cosmetic devices.

To what extent do your components improve the ultimate product?

STÜKEN parts are frequently of vital importance to modular assemblies or even the entire finished product. One example of this are our resistance caps. They are used in all types of electronic circuits to limit currents. A resistor consists of a ceramic rod with two such end caps from STÜKEN. Mounted as assembly parts, these resistors can be found in countless household electronics, in cars, and in astronautics. Resistance caps are extremely small. Around 250,000 of them fit into a single coffee cup. These tiny parts, which are needed for high-quality, robust resistors in astronautics for example, can only be manufactured with extreme precision.

What can you offer development and design engineers at HANNOVER MESSE?

At STÜKEN, our process does not begin by testing finished products, but by understanding each individual specification to create a solution that conforms entirely to the needs of our customers. Communication between experts is an indispensable part of this process. At HANNOVER MESSE, we give development and design engineers the opportunity to talk to our specialists. We display a selection of our unique product range, which currently encompasses well over 2,000 different items. Visitors to our stand frequently discover a part in our display cases that is already fairly similar to what they need.