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The electric motor has been around since 1834, around 180 years – what possible improvements could still remain to be made? Drive and control engineering specialist AMK Arnold Müller thought of a few things that would benefit from a fresh look. The result is the brand-new DYNASYN DD motor range being presented to the public for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

This new range of motors succeeds in reducing inertia torque, thereby significantly increasing the dynamics to more than double accelerating power. DYNASYN DD motors thus stand out for their high dynamics, power-to-weight ratio and energy efficiency – but that was not enough for the developers. While accelerating power doubled, the cost of making connections has been halved – thanks to an innovative single-cable solution that combines power supply and digital encoding in one line. The previously required encoder cable and its installation are completely eliminated. And because that was still not enough for these engineers, they also doubled the average lifespan of their new motors from the customary 20,000 to 40,000 hours.

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