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Arens Motoren, a spin-off of Berlin-based Arens GmbH Metallbau & Bauschlosserei, has a history of specializing in two-stroke engines that stretches right back to the 1960s and has played a role in a number of racing successes in both road and water sports. Since 2011, the company has been focusing on developing an innovative combustion engine designed to combine the many benefits of a two-stroke engine with the emissions credentials of a four-stroke model. Not only do the resulting synergy effects deliver engines with huge potential in terms of weight, efficiency, emissions and installation space - the development work has also given rise to a number of innovative and now independent by-products. One example is the HDP 120-DD high pressure pump that has been developed for the RVI engine and is set to be unveiled at HANNOVER MESSE 2016.

Originally designed for the RVI boxer engine with smartphone app that is also on show at the fair this year, the HDP 120-DD is a highly efficient and compact high pressure pump that is particularly suitable for pressurization when feeding low-viscosity fluids. The basic model of the pump is designed for a continuous operating pressure of 120 bar. The structural segregation of the high-pressure circuit and the lubricated shaft drive also makes it possible to use the pump for non-lubricating fluids such as water without any compromise on loading periods, even at high rotational speeds. What’s more, the HDP 120-DD can also be used with an optional plug-in mechanism so that multiple pumps can be coupled to multiply the flow rate.

Arens GmbH Metallbau & Bauschlosserei (13089 Berlin, Germany), Hall 2, Stand B33, co-exhibitor with TU Berlin ScienceMarketing