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Founded in 2011, the relatively young company Exxentis AG has successfully established itself as a manufacturer of porous aluminum, working with customers throughout different sectors across the whole of Europe. The Swiss company's porous aluminum products are manufactured at its production sites to the highest quality standards by means of salt casting, and are specially designed to offer the many advantages of the porous metal's unique structure. Moreover, as the pores of popular sintered metals correspond to the metal in porous aluminum and vice versa, the two materials complement each other well in terms of structure.

Whatever the task at hand, Exxentis AG finds the perfect solution by providing bespoke technical advice and actively liaising with customers from start to finish. Wherever required, a dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled engineers is on hand to develop tailor-made solutions and separate parts for complex and unusual tasks in a range of industrial applications. The company's technology also makes it possible to manufacture one-off prototypes to test out customers' ideas - quickly and at an affordable cost.

Porous aluminum with a small pore size, for example, is used in vacuum tables or plates for creating vacuums. Complex vacuum molds or press molds are deployed in areas such as thermoforming or to produce foam materials made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) or expanded polypropylene (EPP). Given that it has a high specific surface area and is completely permeable, porous aluminum is equally well suited to manufacturing next-generation heat exchangers. Last but not least, its open cell structure and high specific surface area also make the material a great choice for providing effective acoustic insulation.