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Skywise is also set to be used in the future at Premium AEROTEC – one of Airbus’ largest suppliers – to optimize orders, production quality, and delivery times based on data trends and direct communication, and to provide all those involved with all the necessary information, continuously and reliably. To this end, two new tools have already been implemented: Constituent Assembly (CA) tracking and reallocation enables Airbus and Premium AEROTEC to see where certain components are along the production chain at Airbus at the time of the query. This in particular makes it easier to estimate whether or not a given delivery date can be adhered to. Station Enablement, on the other hand, enables information to be called up about individual parts and assemblies and their respective availability, based on BOMs. The live status of production orders can be seen on every workstation at the supplier. This information allows for optimized management and adjustment of the supplier’s production processes to the specific requirements of Airbus.