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When it came to color marking of various surfaces, laser printing was until now – depending on the material to be printed on – often second choice or not even an option, despite its many advantages. That will change in the future, because DSP-PRINT-TEC from Güntersleben, Germany has developed a new Laser Colour Coating (LCC) technology that enables a standard industrial laser to print economically, variably and in color (RAL card) on a wide range of surfaces in a production line. The company is presenting its innovation for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

While in conventional laser marking the surface is burned, or melted in the case of plastics, the LCC process uses a powder that is applied thinly on the surface and fixed with a laser beam. Laser Colour Coating thus combines the advantages of inkjet printers (no-contact printing, variable texts, different colors) and laser technology (low downtime and maintenance requirements) while eliminating their respective drawbacks. The LCC process can be used on almost any surface, cost effectively and largely without servicing in operation.

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