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According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) , German companies are a major target for international cybercriminals, and not only large, international corporations, but also SMEs that tend to operate nationally. The authority’s recommendations for action are therefore aimed at companies of all sizes. Business portal DDW , which sees itself as the voice of SMEs, has now launched a research project in cooperation with consultancy firm Immunit and security provider Panda, aimed specifically at SMEs. Companies can benefit from a free two-week security check to see what happens to their data. The preference is for SMEs with more than 100 employees.

The practical test offered leverages forensic analysis software, as used by governments, airlines, and universities. “It analyzes if and when certain data leaves the company illegally, where it goes to, from which computers and what data it actually is,” explains Kai Dietrich of Immunit. The results are then transmitted confidentially to the company in question in the form of a management report.