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For 70 years now, AGRO has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products and systems at its Hunzenschwil site in the Swiss canton of Aargau for the introduction and installation of cables for the mechanical engineering industry, plant and apparatus construction and professional electrical installations in buildings of all kinds. Following the invention of the modern cable gland in the 1950s by founder Alfred Grossauer, the company has continued to develop and perfect the expertise and skills associated with this original product. A team of over one hundred dedicated employees and the company's own certified test laboratory ensure that customers always receive state-of-the-art products that conform to standards.

Greater protection and safety thanks to clever material combinations

With its new ROHRflex PA12+ and PA12F+ multilayer corrugated hoses with inner and outer layers, AGRO is now providing even more protection and safety. According to the manufacturer, the FLEXA multi-layer technology used for the first time enables a completely new combination of materials with optimised product properties for the rail vehicle sector and in mechanical and plant engineering. In the innovative multi-layer manufacturing process, a corrugated hose is produced with two layers of different materials and thus offers robust, reliable protection in particularly demanding areas of application.

Predictive maintenance thanks to abrasion indicator

Thanks to their special design and the resulting high quality, AGRO multi-layer corrugated hoses are particularly abrasion-resistant and durable. Should wear nevertheless reach a critical level at some point, two different coloured polyamide layers ensure easy and timely detection of signs of wear in the interests of predictive maintenance.

Compatible with the existing product range

Together with the familiar and proven product range consisting of connection elements and accessories in various sizes, the new ROHRflex+ corrugated conduits with their new and innovative multi-layer technology offer a sustainable and comprehensive cable protection solution for industry.