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As the global market leader, STÜKEN from Rinteln in Lower Saxony stands for maximum precision in the production of deep-drawn parts, stamped and stamped-bent parts, assemblies and plastic-coated components. According to the company, there is hardly any area of industry where high-quality solutions from STÜKEN cannot be found. As a technology leader, STÜKEN is also constantly working to push the boundaries of what is possible. The declared aim is to increase the benefits for customers. To achieve this, the company sometimes thinks beyond its core expertise of deep drawing. Together with the laser drilling specialist LLT Applikation, STÜKEN now also offers solutions for deep-drawn metal components with micro-holes in the field of medical technology.

These can be long, slim tubes, for example, which are used as cannulas for microsurgical applications. The diameter of such tubes is often just one millimetre and they are only a few centimetres long. With STÜKEN's deep-drawing technology, these delicate metal parts can also be produced in large quantities - with openings on one or both sides if required. An ultrashort pulse laser from LLT Applikation can be used to drill micro-holes into the deep-drawn sleeves. This would allow liquids to be dispensed or extracted, for example, and hot steam could also be passed through. Components with a sieve or filter function are also conceivable for applications in medical technology. A correspondingly large number of tiny holes could be made in the deep-drawn part using laser technology.