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For fast, tool-free wiring of transformers wiring of transformers, the East-Westphalian connection specialist CONTA-CLIP has now introduced a new, particularly easy-to-install terminal series with an innovative push-in connection and is now presenting it for the first time at the at HANNOVER MESSE 2023. The transformers, designed for cable cross-sections of four of four square millimetres, the PTKS 4 transformer terminals are designed are designed for direct mounting on the coil former as well as for snapping onto on aluminium holding rails (ten by two millimetres). Without the push-in terminal block is simply fitted with the connecting conductors from above. with the connecting conductors from above. According to the manufacturer, the high contact force of the secure fixation and contacting of the cables at all times, even in the event of strong even in the event of strong vibrations and mechanical shocks. For contact is made in a matter of seconds by pressing the built-in insulated pusher, insulated pusher. Due to the two-part construction consisting of the basic terminal with with freely accessible soldering hooks and a cover, the PTKS 4 terminal blocks can also be easily can be easily fixed to the coil wire using automatic soldering methods. For CONTA-CLIP has a range of different coloured covers for the terminal range. They can be used, for example, to mark different voltages. marked.

The new terminal series of course also allows test tapping at any potential. For distribution, the manufacturer also offers pluggable, insulated cross connectors of the PQI 4/x/PTKS series in two-, three- and five-pole versions. and five-pole versions. The new product segment will be rounded off in the future by the PTKS 4/SI 5x20 and PTKS 4/SI 6.3x32 transformer fuse terminals for the insertion of fuses in 5x20 millimetre and 6.3x32 millimetre format respectively. 6.3x32 millimetre format. For terminal marking, the The standard SB 7.5 marking system from CONTA-CLIP is used for terminal marking.