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Airbus Protect is a - still comparatively - young subsidiary of Airbus, which is intended to bundle the Group's expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, safety and sustainability. The aim of the Group spin-off is to protect the entire Airbus Group as a central service partner with a global range of services and to meet the requirements of national authorities and external customers, including critical infrastructures.

Concentrated expertise and experience

The new organization brings together more than 1,600 experts from France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Belgium to enhance Airbus' capabilities and create synergies to further develop competencies in the three key areas mentioned above. According to Airbus Protect, its mission is to use its in-house expertise and diverse industry knowledge to make a significant contribution to its customers. Thanks to Airbus Protect, customers should be able to focus on growing their businesses and building a future of trust, while Airbus Protect ensures that their security, resilience and sustainability are always at the cutting edge.


As part of its Cybersecurity division, Airbus Protect offers consulting and managed security services to help customers build and maintain lasting cyber resilience to ensure business continuity in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Airbus Protect protects data, assets, infrastructure, production, products, software solutions and cloud applications from cyber threats. The company also helps develop cybersecurity strategies and secure architectures to help partners comply with regulations, manage crises, defend against threats and protect their business.


With the Safety segment, Airbus Protect aims to ensure that the intelligent mobility solutions and cities of tomorrow are safe, sustainable and trustworthy. Together with its customers, the company improves and defines new safety standards, ensures compliance with regulations and helps to ensure that end users are always protected. With extensive technical and regulatory expertise - complemented by an open, innovation-oriented mindset - Airbus Protect aims to help make the future safe and competitive.


According to Airbus Protect, the global risk horizon is changing, which can have cascading effects on companies, the environment and society. New ways of working, new products and an emission-free energy supply must therefore be developed. Airbus Protect's cross-functional teams and dedicated experts work to protect their customers and support them in achieving their sustainability goals. Airbus Protect also focuses on harnessing new and renewable fuels such as H2 from production to transportation, storage and use.