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"Something with quanta!" - This is currently the answer of far-sighted young high school graduates to the question: what do you want to study? And that's a good thing, because in view of the rapid developments in quantum technologies in areas such as computers, communications or cryptography, experts in quantum physics are increasingly needed. With the Physics Summer 2023, the Ilmenau University of Technology wants to kindle even more enthusiasm, especially among high school students taking physics advanced courses, physics advanced subjects or special science classes, and attract them to study in Ilmenau.

Challenging, comprehensive and interesting

The Summer College aims to challenge young people with three demanding units that build on each other: Well-founded introductory lectures by lecturers from the Institute of Physics lay the foundation for the topics of the project work, which takes up the largest proportion of the time at half of the college. The groups of students carry out theoretical or experimental projects, for example on quanta in everyday life, quanta in medicine or quantum sensors. In the third unit, practical experiments, the young people learn modern experimental techniques and methods of physics and apply them to the topic of the college, quantum physics. They conduct the literature research necessary for the seminar work like real students in the university library, the largest technical and scientific library in Thuringia, and on the Internet.

Variety is also provided

The Physics Summer 2023 is organized by a team of scientists led by Professor Jörg Kröger, head of the Department of Experimental Physics 1 and recent winner of the Thuringian Research Award 2023, which he received for his many years of research on the quantum physics of matter. In addition to the ambitious scientific work, however, the students can also expect to be distracted, for example at the welcome evening in a student club with their lecturers and tutors and on a tour of the university campus, where they will get to know student life. The program also includes a guided tour of Ilmenau and, finally, light-hearted fun on the summer toboggan run.