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The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is supporting industrial research in structurally weak regions of Germany with the R&D funding program for non-profit external industrial research establishments/innovation expertise (INNO-KOM) . Research establishments are important because they provide practical ideas and impetus for successful innovations that are then developed together with companies into marketable products.

The new INNO-KOM innovation catalog aims to significantly facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between companies, startups, and research establishments. The innovation platform will enable SMEs to find online exactly the right research establishment with the right scientific answers and solution to their questions and needs. Conversely, research establishments will be able to find companies on the platform to help them bring their developments to market maturity. Contact between future partners will take place directly via the platform. The findings of all research projects funded through BMWi funding programs will in future be available to SMEs. More information can be found at www.innovationskatalog.de .