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Machines and systems need power - and they need it to be as reliable, easy to install and safe to operate as possible. Therefore, the simplest possible solutions are required to supply machines and systems with power. The recently introduced standardised connectors of the MQ15 series from Murrelektronik are designed to meet this requirement. A tool-free quick-connect system ensures easy installation of the connector, a quarter turn is all that is needed to snap it securely into place and the connector is already sealed according to IP67. Thanks to the innovative quick connection system, assembly time for new installation, service and maintenance is reduced by up to 80 percent. Safe assembly is aided by the fact that the locking status of the connector is marked both visually and haptically; in addition, a "CLICK" as acoustic feedback helps with the assembly of the MQ15. The PUR overmoulding is also intended to ensure tamper resistance as well as protection against bending and vibration. Further protection is provided by a locking mechanism and a protective hose connection on the connector.

The product range includes pre-assembled connectors with highly resistant PUR or cost-effective PVC cable, matching flange connectors for motor integration as well as self-terminating variants. Four- and six-pole versions with wire cross-sections of 1.5 square millimetres and 2.5 square millimetres respectively are available. The product portfolio is rounded off by the h-distribution solution with moulded cables, with which the power distribution can be flexibly routed at any stubs, so that the number of plug-in points can be reduced.

Due to the use of high-conductivity plastics and the omission of expensive metal parts, the MQ15 transmits high currents in the smallest space at the best price/conductivity ratio on the market, according to the manufacturer. In contrast to the four-pole version with three power contacts + PE, the six-pole version also has two signal contacts. It thus offers the possibility of integrating further functions, such as temperature or brake. The current transmission values of up to 16 amperes continuous load at a voltage of 600 volts alternating current open up a wide field of applications. With the MQ15 flange connectors, motors can be converted to a pluggable solution in no time at all. This saves time and manpower during installation and maintenance. The flange is simply screwed into an existing M20x1.5 threaded hole in the motor housing - without adapters or special mechanical solutions.

With protection class IP67 when mated, the MQ15 series is also suitable for rough everyday industrial use. The MQ15 connectors are 100 percent electrically tested and thus guarantee a simple, error-free plug and play solution. All variants are available from a minimum quantity of one piece, regardless of design or length. The CE-compliant product is also UL ("Underwriters Laboratories") listed, so it can be used worldwide.