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SSI Schaefer offers both piece picking and case picking solutions. Usually, distribution centers that supply retail stores with branch-specific pallets use case picking. Depending on the application, tried-and-tested gripping principles are combined with intelligent object recognition. Piece picking is cost-intensive and requires special attention for highly efficient processing. The focus here is primarily on two challenges: process-reliable and gentle product handling as well as the optimal use of intelligent software technologies.

Machine learning and specially optimized, extremely powerful algorithms are essential factors for the productivity of order picking robots. Thanks to current algorithms from artificial intelligence and 3D image processing, robots can not only repeat more predefined motion sequences, but also take on more complex tasks. They can now react and act depending on the situation, which increasingly qualifies them for even more complex intralogistic application scenarios. When it comes to performance, robustness and quality, colleague robots have some advantages compared to manual solutions – provided there is a suitable range of shipping items and they are used in the corresponding automated environment.