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Thanks to a development by robotics company HaptX , it is now possible to control a robotic hand from thousands of kilometers away. In collaboration with partner companies Shadow Robot and SynTouch , the US company has developed a sensitive hand-glove combination: The glove registers fine-motor hand and finger movements, which are transmitted to the robotic hand highly precisely. To demonstrate the system, the Director of R&D at HaptX sitting in California had a Shadow Robot robotic hand in London type the phrase “Hello, world” on a computer keyboard – 9,000 kilometers away. It should also be possible to use the robotic hand to play the skill game Jenga, build a pyramid with plastic beakers, or move chess pieces from a long distance away.

The technology is, however, still some way off from being ready for professional use in industrial production, for remote maintenance or other purposes. The new development nevertheless marks a milestone in human-machine interaction.