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OnRobot , the Danish company specializing in robotic grippers, is launching three new models. The Gecko Gripper was originally developed as a Nasa experiment on the ISS. Like its eponym, the gecko lizard, its undersurface features millions of fine fibers that attach to the respective workpiece and generate strong Van der Waals forces , making it possible to lift both smooth and flat objects. Unlike vacuum grippers, which require their own compressed air system, this model also works with porous loads.

In contrast, the Polyskin Tactile Gripper can coordinate its two fingers independently. The device's fingertips are equipped with tactile sensors that detect the object's surface structure, helping it adjust the gripping operations accordingly. This makes it possible to lift even fragile or irregularly shaped goods.

Last but not least, the RG2-FT features both force-moment sensors and a proximity sensor. The latter detects the nature of an object and responds to the risk that it might slip off. This gripper is specially designed for use in precision assembly.