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What is the name of your program?

Industry 4.Now

What problem does your program solve?

Global supply chains are highly complex networked economies. Therefore, companies require agility and speed to react to disruptions and to build resilient supply chains. The holistic Industry 4.Now approach tackles each process step within your supply chain to help increasing agility, productivity, connectivity, and sustainability.

What are the program’s main benefit for the customer?

  • Harmonized planning across the supply chain
  • Higher automation rate to increase productivity
  • Connecting businesses for better collaboration
  • Reducing carbon emissions, increasing occupational health and safety by fostering circular economy and a sustainable supply chain
  • How can it contribute to industrial transformation?

  • Sense, predict, and respond to insulate from disruption
  • Efficiently meet markets requirements with highly volatile demand/supply
  • Collaborate and provide visibility across company borders
  • Foster ethically sourced products with zero waste and carbon neutral processes