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SAP specialist Informatics , based in Leonding in Upper Austria, has developed a system for private jet operator GlobeAir that automatically records and evaluates the key maintenance-relevant data. Until now, pilots had to read data, such as the jet fuel level or turbines’ operating times, at the end of the flight and enter it into forms by hand.

SAP PdMS ( Predictive Maintenance and Service ) and SAP Analytics Cloud form the technical basis for the Informatics system. Before takeoff and after landing, the relevant data is automatically sent from the aircraft’s database to the SAP module. From the data, the module creates a status overview. At the same time, the aircraft’s geodata is entered in SAP Analytics Cloud, which facilitates the creation of an optimized maintenance task plan, which also includes periodic maintenance tasks and triggers relevant orders. For example, the engine’s power generators need to be replaced after a specific number of hours of operation or when an error message is displayed. The Informatics system checks whether there are enough generators in the warehouse, and, if necessary, orders more devices from the manufacturer.