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The American injection molding manufacturer Plastic Molded Concepts (PMC) uses the Cobot Sawyer of another American company, Rethink Robotics , in the production of plastic parts. PMC wants to use it to boost the efficiency of its 38 injection molding machines. Sawyer is currently manufacturing parts for a pressure gauge. To create them, the Cobot extracts parts from a press, places them in a CNC drill, waits until the holes are drilled, then sets them into a container. Once this box is filled with 160 pieces, Sawyer stops working until an employee comes in, replaces the box, and allows the Cobot to continue working. A YouTube video shows how it works.

By using Cobots, PMC wants to relieve its employees of monotonous activities so that they can devote themselves to more responsible activities. The company hopes to become more attractive to new employees at the same time. For the future, PMC plans to integrate more Cobots into production. Overall, up to 30% of the production steps are to be automated this way.