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Japanese corporation Mitsubishi Electric and Herzogenaurach-based automotive supplier Schaeffler have been partners in the e-F@ctory Alliance since 2010. The alliance is part of Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory concept , which supports companies with their digital transformation. The two companies, which have to date worked together in Europe and Asia, are now turning their partnership global.

Schaeffler and Mitsubishi Electric will be collaborating on increasing connectivity and developing new Industry 4.0 solutions for reducing machine downtime and maximizing productivity. For example, the SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol) machine protocol implemented in Schaeffler condition monitoring systems will enable vibration sensors to communicate with Mitsubishi Electric’s programmable logic controller (PLC) bidirectionally and facilitate transmission of the parameters determined. “Schaeffler’s and Mitsubishi Electric’s combined technological expertise and system know-how will enable us to offer smart solutions tailored to specific customer and market requirements to help optimize plants’ production processes and lifecycle costs,” explains Schaeffler Executive Board member Dr. Stefan Spindler.