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Schaeffler Cobot Solutions

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Innovative robotics solutions for the production of tomorrow

The soaring sales figures clearly show that lightweight robots will take over industrial production during the next few years. But not only there; their collaborative siblings are opening up new tasks and new services for robotics – for and in collaboration with people. For this forward-looking interface technology, Schaeffler is now showing rolling bearing and drive solutions for the next generation of cobots at the Hannover Messe.

The objective of the robotics products presented here is to open up new design approaches that will enable manufacturers to produce even more slender and more rigid articulated arms and greater working ranges and higher load carrying capacities. These are THE key factors for opening up new fields of application for robotics. Special solutions were required for setting a new benchmark in these disciplines. For example, different technologies and many years of process experience gained from our developments in automotive and industrial production were integrated into the robot components presented here. Expertise from a wide range of business divisions enabled us to make significant leaps forward in the development of robotics and to combine these with high cost-effectiveness and an outstanding level of quality.

Our cobot solutions at the Hannover Messe 2021:

  • A new type of rolling bearing for articulated arms and joint gearboxes in the same design envelope as the crossed roller bearings that have been frequently used until now. Their outstanding tilting rigidity will allow robots with higher load carrying capacities and greater working ranges.
  • A new series of precision strain wave gears that was developed from scratch. We achieve the highest torques, torsional rigidities, and a particularly long operating life by means of 3D optimized gear teeth and adapted production processes.
  • A newly developed motor design for robotics: Axial flux motors with coils in printed circuit board design. They are axially very compact and achieve a particularly high torque density.
  • Configurable linear axes that can be scaled in terms of rigidity as so-called range extenders, prepared for mounting the robot and equipped with everything that is required for final assembly.
  • The technologies used such as the precision forming of gear teeth, special material developments, and detailed design solutions are unique in the robotics market. Through the improvements made with regard to the rigidity, torque density, and design envelope, Schaeffler puts robot manufacturers in a position to realize significantly lighter and more rigid articulated arms.

    But that is not all: The combination of a lightweight robot with a linear axis offers great potential for interlinking machines and processes in the automation sector – also in collaboration with people if required. But what does this mean in practice? Our Robotics Augmented Reality Smartphone app makes it easy to visualize how a robot with a linear axis could be integrated into your production facility: This app overlays a digital image of a lightweight robot or cobot with the physical world in front of you.

    Visit us at our interactive booth at the Hannover Messe: https://events.schaeffler-fairs.de/visitor/hannover-messe-digital