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Seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens is unveiling its latest innovation - FKM compound Vi 900, a material that has proven its suitability as a reliable elastomer seal even under the harshest test conditions to the NORSOK M-710 standard and come through hardness testing with the best possible rating of 4 times "0000" without any damage. This makes Vi 900 ideal for use in production areas that place particularly high demands on seals due to the risk of explosive decompression.

The manufactures of FKM compound Vi 900 aim to use HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to highlight the excellent low-temperature stability of this latest innovation. Boasting a TR-10 value of -40 °C, Vi 900 is said to be suitable even for applications at temperatures as low as -50 °C. It also meets the U.S. requirements for oil and gas plants, API 6A and 6D, in addition to the NORSOK standard. According to its developers, this high-performance material, combined with an exceptional compression set at low temperatures, is poised to set new standards for AED (anti-explosive decompression) and RGD (rapid gas decompression) sealing materials. Another advantage of the new FKM compound is its excellent resistance to a wide range of specific media and chemicals - from mineral oils, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, to acids in a variety of concentrations and weak alkalis. The material also boasts very low gas permeability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Vi 900 can be used as a seal in valves, ball cocks, pig gates and slide valves in production areas that require maximum reliability and quality to prevent explosive decompression - particularly in petrochemistry, compressor design and compressed air conditioning.