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"Uninterrupted power" – the innovative power gap filler from GP JOULE supplies clean energy around the clock. After all, one of the greatest challenges on the path to 100-percent renewable energy stems from the inconsistency of wind and solar power due to their dependency on the prevailing weather. One solution for coordinating supply and demand lies in the power gap filler that "ground-based PV installation specialist" GP JOULE is showcasing at HANNOVER MESSE 2015.

What makes this intelligent energy storage system special is its simplicity – just add an electrolysis unit to an existing biogas plant and you have your decentralized combined cycle power plant. Here’s how it works: Electrolysis is used to convert surplus energy from nearby solar and wind power generators into hydrogen at an efficiency level of 75 percent. The hydrogen is then stored in tanks and can be used whenever it is needed. The remaining 25 percent, which is waste heat, is used in the biogas plant’s regular heating system. Besides divisions dedicated to solar, biomass and wind-generated energy, GP JOULE also has a future concepts division where the expertise from all spheres of activity is pooled to develop holistic energy solutions.

GP JOULE GmbH (25821 Reussenköge, Germany), Hall 27, Stand H31

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