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Carbon nanohorns (CNH) are single-walled carbon nano materials that are particularly suitable as fillers for thermoplastics due to their spherical shape from aggregated horn-like nanostructures. They can help modify and improve various material characteristics at low fill levels. Based on this, TIE, in cooperation with LNP and TPK as well as three research institutes (IPF Dresden, Fraunhofer IPA Stuttgart and SLK Chemnitz), is pioneering the fabrication of new types of CNH-reinforced semi-finished granulate for CNH plastics, which can be processed very efficiently in conventional extruders and injection molding machines. TIE is presenting the current status of development at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The research focuses on the entire process chain, from the development of CNH specifically suited to plastic melting to predispersion, compounding and the production of molded parts in existing industrial processing facilities. The goal is to demonstrate innovative product characteristics and develop the essential manufacturing steps on an industrial scale in compliance with industrial safety and environmental aspects. If there is real demand for this product, a production plant for this entirely novel product is foreseen in southern Lower Saxony.

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