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According to figures from the ZVEI , the German semiconductor market shrank by 12% to US$13.4 billion in 2019, and by around 12% to a good US$413 billion worldwide. “The sharp decline in the market is primarily down to macroeconomic uncertainty. This is partly due to the trade conflicts between the US and China and the US and Europe, the imminent Brexit, and the flagging automotive market,” explains Stephan zur Verth from the ZVEI. However, the Chairman of the Semiconductor Components Division is confident for 2020: The industry anticipates growth of around 5% in the German semiconductor market and approximately 4% in the global semiconductor market. In particular the start of 5G technology and increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to contribute to this growth.

Overall, the industry is optimistic about the coming years. The long-term growth trends are intact and the social challenges posed by climate change, demographic development, and resource scarcity have necessitated new digital solutions. “Our industry will once again play a key role in the coming years,” says Zur Verth.