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What ist the name of your product?

What problem does your product solve? What is new/innovative about it?
Our mobile assistance systems are the networkers in the smart factory: They network the individual production and assembly processes. As a cyber-physical system, they have all the relevant data on board. Thanks to many extended functionalities and interfaces, these systems are able to optimally support and relieve the staff in logistics and production processes, as well as with pure transport tasks. Assembly assistants, for example, function as intelligent and ergonomic workbenches, while handling assistants provide support with the help of a collaborative robot.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?
To enable our customers to react quickly to changing market requirements, we think of the factory of the future in terms of interchangeable modules. Instead of rigidly structured systems such as stationary conveyor systems, we lay the foundation for your smart factory with a new, flexible and versatile modular structure. To maintain its constant relevance for sales, our customer adds individual process modules, duplicates them, or removes anything that will be redundant in the future.

How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?
It all starts with a realistic simulation: You can already test, play through, and optimize travel paths in great detail here. After that, all it takes is one click to transfer the simulation to the real world of your automation.
These paths act as the arteries in your intelligent factory: Along these paths, a wide range of mobile assistance systems developed by us link the individual processes in assembly and production.

Are there any other important points that you can think of?
Our mobile assistance systems "get along perfectly" with the other mobile vehicles. They move autonomously, communicate with each other, and exchange data. Swarm intelligence is the name of the innovative, decentralized control technology that enables several mobile assistance systems to operate as an intelligent overall system.