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Polytec GmbH has been developing, producing and selling sophisticated optical measuring devices for research and industry for over 50 years. Its contactless systems for vibration and topography analysis, industrial length and speed control, and process analytics are in high demand wherever non-intrusive measurements have to be carried out with the utmost accuracy and reliability. Their applications range from microsystem technology to large-scale mechanical engineering - from the automotive and aerospace sectors right through to the steel industry, medical technology and the life sciences. To enable users to carry out highly precise measurements while on the move, Polytec has now unveiled VibroGo, a system that will soon make it possible to use innovative laser-based vibration meters in mobile applications.

Using this technology, VibroGo is able to carry out contactless measurements of the actual vibrations, acoustics and dynamics of vigorously moving structures with a great deal of flexibility and over a wide frequency range from DC to 100 kHz. Besides its outstanding vibrational velocity resolution, the manufacturer claims it's the high linearity across the entire frequency range that truly sets this high-precision measuring tool apart. Designed to be used as the basis for research, product development and quality assurance, VibroGo can help get to the bottom of dynamic and acoustic phenomena in nature and technology. To simplify the measuring process, the system's auto and remote focus help users align the laser beam with the test object. What's more, when measuring vibrational velocity, displacement and acceleration, users can enter the required frequency range directly into the device via the touchscreen. The system also features integrated high-pass and frequency bandwidth filters that reliably isolate any unwanted signals. Users have the option to control the measuring device, configure the sensor and transfer measurement data using either a convenient Ethernet cable or wirelessly via a WiFi connection. As far as Polytec is concerned, all these impressive features make VibroGo the perfect reliable, high-precision measuring tool for outdoor use - both in industry and research - as it enables users to measure vibrations in hard-to-access and even dangerous areas, all from a safe distance.

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