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Shell has been installing charging stations at selected gas stations in Great Britain, the Netherlands and China since 2017. The oil company recently bought the Dutch charging station company New Motion and is participating in the joint venture IONITY , which includes BMW, Daimler, Ford, Audi and Porsche, among others. Shell is now also launching the construction of 50 fast-charging stations at its German gas stations, each of which provides two vehicles with a charging capacity of 150 kW. Electric cars will take six to eight minutes to recharge enough energy to cover a distance of 100 km. The electricity supplied by EnBW is apparently 100% green electricity.

Shell founded its New Energies business unit in 2016 and has since invested 1 to 2 billion US dollars a year in it. New Energies is responsible for alternative energies and expanding the electricity business. The Group expects electromobility to become increasingly important in the coming years and intends to become involved in the supply of battery-powered electric, fuel cell powered and natural gas-powered vehicles.