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When cobots stack pallets, they reach their limit at a specific height. This is very quickly the case for many models, since although their gripper is very flexible, it is also very short. The LIFTKIT from Swedish company SKF could provide the solution to this. The LIFTKIT is a vertical positioning axis, with a 50 to 90 cm stroke. This enables the base of the cobot to be lifted and lowered when stacking pallets, so that its gripper is always in the optimal position. Parallel to this solution, SKF also provides SLIDEKIT . The SLIDEKIT is a horizontal positioning axis for cobots, with a maximum length of 1.8 m.

Both modules are compatible with models from leading manufacturer Universal Robots and are UR+ certified. A plug-in for the cobot’s software is also available for the LIFTKIT, to enable the cobot’s motions to be controlled via the universal control system. For the SLIDEKIT, SKF offers motor adapter plates, manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements.