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The Lüneburg-based company SIEB & MEYER, which claims to be a world market leader in the field of CNC control systems for mechanical drilling and milling of circuit boards, is presenting an Industry 4.0-compatible combination of hardware and software in the form of its latest CNC 95.00 control system . In addition to the control program, the solution comprises a CNC axis controller, servo amplifiers and frequency converters for HS machining spindles. The components are specially adapted to one another and not only impress with their high productivity and precision, but also provide the option to connect to an existing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

CNC 95.00 supports an MQTT-based communication protocol, while other protocols are available via micro services. These include, for example, OPC UA, SECS/GEM and Restful API. There is also the option to couple it to an additional solution for data evaluation and visualization; the manufacturer points specifically to its own SM Line Manager 4.0 solution in this connection.

Refitting and retrofitting solutions are enjoying growing popularity when it comes to modernizing existing production systems and bringing them onto the net. For example, the Brandenburg-based company CRS-Licht-Formtechnik recently connected a TNC 320 from Heidenhain to a 26-year-old Hartkämper milling machine to make its production more efficient.