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Siemens provides its international customers with packages comprising hardware, software, and various services to facilitate their digital transformation – as they have also done for Slovenian glass manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik , renowned for its top-quality products made from one of the clearest glass types in the world. The plan for the highly specialized manufacturer’s digital transformation over the next five years not only aims to help it boost its productivity and efficiency, but also to sustainably enhance its production quality. In a workshop, the two companies determined a timeline for progressively digitalizing Steklarna Hrastnik’s services and production activities.

The Slovenians are already well-positioned for their transformation into a smart factory and have been pursuing such a concept for the last eight years. As a consequence, they plan to increase their market share in special glass bottles.

Where there was still a lack of integrated solutions for the modern glass industry 4.0 two years ago, the sector has made great progress and can now l everage the benefits of a large number of comprehensive approaches .