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Siemens is already one of the most important international suppliers of 3D printing services and in addition to having its own systems, also acts as a provider of applicable software and automation options for additive manufacturing. Many development and printing services are already available today, including the full production of printed components for customers in various industrial sectors.

With the investment of 30 million euros , a new Materials Solutions Ltd. factory is to be built in Worcester, England. Siemens has held a majority stake in this company since 2016 . The opening is scheduled for September 2018. 50 new employees will also be employed running 50 new 3D printers. Originally, only half of this manufacturing capacity had been planned. Siemens will integrate its own digital enterprise solutions for the implementation of software-based systems and extensive process automation. The aim of the strategy is to establish the company as a leading global player in the field of additive manufacturing services for the aerospace and automotive industries as well as in other economic sectors.