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Under the leadership of Siemens , the Charter of Trust was adopted as part of the Munich Security Conference (MSC). The policy paper brings together leading German companies in an effort to increase cybersecurity in all areas covered by the digital transition. The participants are not just considering networked, digitized production facilities, but also critical infrastructures (hospitals, power grids, etc.) and households. Other signatories include Airbus , Allianz , Daimler , IBM , NXP Semiconductors , the auditing firm SGS , and Deutsche Telekom .

The main objective is to create mandatory and globally consistent security certifications . In addition to the protection of critical infrastructures and sensitive data, the implementation of the desired standards should also contribute to reducing costs and preventing production losses on the part of industry and create trust among industrial partners. Siemens is pushing for international cooperation between industry and politics. The background to this confidence-building campaign is likely to be the development of cross-company digitized supply chains. In fact, in such IoT scenarios, it’s critical that the data-sharing companies trust each other and their security implementations.