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What is the name of the product?


What problem does the product solve?

The product solves complex machine-related automation tasks by using Artificial Intelligence, based on neural networks. By using neural networks efficient processing is guaranteed and the solution is easy to integrate and scale in terms of quantity structure (many modules can be plugged in one behind the other). Also a direct integration into the automation solution/SIMATIC (as ET 200MP module pluggable directly to an S7-1500 or IM) is possible. Any sensor technology (compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet / USB C interfaces) and production data transferred from the CPU (USP) via the backplane bus can be used as input data

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

  • Cost savings through the automated solutions for production steps that were previously only possible manually.
  • Fast and easy adaptation of the automation to changing circumstances (no programming of complex algorithms required for each product; simple adaptation of the neural network to new tasks Topic: Solution approach for "lot size 1")
  • Significant reduction of costs for quality inspections by relieving the bottleneck QA station, through evaluation of existing production data.
  • Why would you call your product “intelligent”?

    The TM NPU module enables human expert knowledge and his ability for complex pattern recognition to flow into automation by processing input data via neural networks.

    Are there any other important points that you can think of?

    The aim is to not only make AI solutions accessible to experts, but also to provide an AI workbench with which every automation expert will be able to implement solutions on the basis of artificial intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence will establish itself at all levels of the Totally Integrated Automation portfolio to enable scalable solutions from the field level to the controller and edge level and all the way to the Cloud. In this way, an AI solution can be adapted according to the environment and the operational goal. The S7-1500 TM NPU is an important step in this direction, but only a first step towards the integration of AI into the automation world.