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The digital revolution presents many companies with a very particular challenge. While all processes in the production chain need to be made faster and more efficient, the trend is also moving toward customization and batch sizes of just one. This may sound like a contradiction - and indeed it is, unless the existing possibilities are finally harnessed to the full. WERMA has chosen HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to exhibit the ideal solutions. These are out-of-the-box, plug-and-play systems that can be retrofitted with ease at any time. They ensure companies of all shapes and sizes can leverage the opportunities and benefits offered by networking and digitization.

WERMA's innovative process optimization systems use unique wireless technology to network machines, workstations and even FIFO racks. They thus offer a simple, retrofittable and ready-to-use solution for cutting downtime and automatically replenishing materials. All the components of WERMA solutions have proven themselves in extensive practical testing, both in SMEs and at leading global companies. The systems boast a very short payback period, delivering lasting optimization of workflows and savings in time and money. The company is presenting three systems in Hannover that visitors can personally put through their paces - StockSAVER, a third-generation kanban system for production logistics; SmartMONITOR, the clever alternative for machine data collection in manufacturing companies; and AndonSPEED, a unique Andon system for optimizing mail order processes.