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  • Silo AI specializes in integrating large language models in healthcare software to enhance patient record systems.
  • Silo AI collaborates with industrial companies to develop autonomous features using computer vision for productivity enhancement.
  • Silo AI's Background and Services

    Silo AI is a private AI lab founded in 2017, focusing on building AI-driven products for companies using a combination of models, tools, and services. The company boasts a team of over 300 employees, mostly PhDs in AI-related fields, emphasizing their expertise. They have experienced significant growth and success by providing sustainable value to clients through a unique approach to the market, offering a platform called Silo OS for development, deployment, and pre-built components for various solutions.

    Industries Served by Silo AI

    Silo AI works with a diverse range of industries, including automotive, smart machines, healthcare, finance, retail, and logistics. They emphasize partnering with companies that already have a digital product at their core to enhance it with AI-driven solutions. The company assists clients in implementing AI in their software products, focusing on industries that are software-defined and seeking to innovate with AI technology.

    AI Implementations Beyond Industrial Use

    Silo AI has successfully implemented over 200 AI solutions across various industries. One notable example is using a large language model in healthcare software to enhance patient record systems, enabling medical advisors to benefit from AI assistance. Another application involves integrating language models in customer support services for a large BPO, improving interactions and empowering customer support agents.

    Application of AI in Industrial Use Cases

    In industrial contexts, Silo AI collaborates with companies in sectors like mining machinery to develop autonomous features using computer vision and intelligent operations. These applications focus on enhancing productivity, efficiency, and building a competitive edge in the market. By integrating AI into industrial products, clients aim to drive revenue opportunities and differentiate themselves through custom AI solutions.