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In many companies - despite advancing digitization and increasingly sophisticated machinery - parameters are still entered by hand and NC programs manually loaded into the machine. Searching for, importing or entering and finally reviewing data are usually time-consuming procedures that are prone to error. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) such as HYDRA from MPDV can help manufacturers save plenty of time and avoid a lot of erroneous entries. In particular, deploying specialist IT tools such as the new HYDRA DNC speeds up setup times and enhances process reliability. Depending how machinery is set out and other such factors, companies can often save more than 10 minutes on every setup process.

MES HYDRA’'s built-in HYDRA DNC application can be used to manage both NC programs and data records for setup parameters centrally. Based on the upcoming working process, the article to be produced and other parameters, HYDRA suggests a suitable and approved NC program and setup data record during the log-on process at the shop floor terminal. The underlying aim is to reduce the error rate and save workers and machine setters from carrying out unnecessary tasks that take up time. Thanks to a built-in editor, NC programs can also be compared with previous versions and adjusted if required - all right on the shop floor. An updated or optimized program is then fed back into the MES for approval and is automatically available the next time the system is used.

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