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SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH - a mid-sized family business from southwest Germany - develops, produces and sells factory automation sensors. The company particularly specializes in opto-electronic and camera-based vision sensors. These are deployed in a whole range of industrial applications - to identify objects and colors or to measure distances, for instance. SensoPart's latest innovation, the FT 10-RLA, focuses on the latter and is the world’s smallest optical distance sensor to date.

Measuring just 21.1 x 14.6 x8 mm and weighing around 10 grams, the FT 10-RLA doesn't leave its competitors much scope for further miniaturization. But despite its subminiature design, this laser sensor boasts extraordinary sensory capabilities such as excellent linearity and repeat accuracy. Its measuring range reaches up to 70 mm and its blind zone is extremely small, at just 10 mm. Also typical for laser sensors is the long, clear stroke of light that ensures small parts are dependably recognized. To prevent measurement values being distorted by electromagnetic environmental influences - which has been known to occur during analog transmission - the distance measured by way of triangulation is issued as a digital three-byte value via an integrated IO-Link interface. In light of increasing digitization in industrial processes, the IO-Link standard is so widespread that now is the perfect time to launch a purely digitally operating distance sensor.

SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH (79288 Gottenheim, Germany)
Website: www.sensopart.com