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The transition from conventional to renewable energy sources will only be achieved over the long run if functional and efficient storage methods can be developed. Only then can the rapidly fluctuating energy supplies of the future be buffered and adapted to actual usage scenarios. Many industrial applications also offer huge energy recovery potential. Here too, the right storage possibilities could contribute to increasing the efficiency of the entire system and saving huge amounts of energy in the future, as well as drastically reducing costs and CO2 emissions. This is why experts from Fraunhofer are presenting innovative production methods for PowerCaps as energy storage at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

PowerCaps combine the advantages of batteries and supercapacitors. The result is a rapid-charge battery cell with high energy density and a long life. A wide range of materials are being synthesized and processed at Fraunhofer IPA that are ideal for electrochemical storage in PowerCaps. Systems using the new materials should be easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes without major adaptation, so that customers can rapidly convert to manufacturing higher-performance energy storage. This will be an important step towards using renewable and sustainable energy technologies.

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