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Whatever the state-funded incentives, one of the main obstacles to getting e-mobility properly on the road remains the vehicles' range coupled with shortcomings in the infrastructure for this otherwise market-ready and very smart technology. Who on earth wants to interrupt long journeys and hang around twiddling their thumbs while their vehicle recharges? And many of us don't have a means of installing a charging station at home to at least briefly top it up there. Even if no cure-all solutions are in sight, there are at least some hopeful signs of things moving in the right direction. Such a glimmer of hope comes from ads-tec, a developer and manufacturer of energy storage solutions. The company is appearing at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to showcase its StoraXe PowerBooster, a smart infrastructure and loading technology concept for optimally matching power supply with consumption and making more effective use of the distribution grid.

High-speed charging stations are clearly the linchpins of any e-mobility infrastructure. The problem is that adequate power is not always available to provide the charging capacity required. It now seems that the StoraXe PowerBooster might come to the rescue in cases like these. The integrated ads-tec battery system delivers the high capacity required for fast charging, while low-power energy tops it up from the available mains supply. It’s a similar principle to the power banks commonly used for charging smartphones and tablets. In fact, the StoraXe PowerBooster has the potential to do more than save time by also overcoming the need for medium-voltage systems, time-consuming applications for construction subsidies and expensive grid extensions.