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Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions headquartered in Taiwan, is pushing the energy transition with its innovative Smart Energy Solutions for low-CO2 power grids. With its Smart Energy Solutions, united by the "DeltaGrid" energy management system, Delta combines solutions for solar energy, energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging, enabling the use of renewable energy sources while optimizing energy efficiency at the point of consumption and facilitating the provision of charging services.

Sustainable net-zero future

Andreas Hoischen, Senior Director of Photovoltaic Inverters Business Unit, Delta EMEA, said, "Delta's innovative renewable energy solutions are used in a wide range of applications around the world, from residential and commercial installations to large-scale plants. Delta's innovative technologies are helping to drive the energy transition to a clean, sustainable net-zero future, in line with the EU's 2050 carbon neutrality target." And Vincent Lin, Senior Director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions Business Development, Delta EMEA, added: "In response to the electric car boom, Delta has delivered more than two million EV chargers worldwide.To provide the power needed without placing a heavy burden on the existing power grid, Delta's EV charging infrastructure solutions help intelligently manage charging capacity and site energy, reducing pressure on utilities while maximizing ROI for our customers. Delta's focus is on promoting a clean and green mobility and energy infrastructure."

Solar solutions

Delta's complete range of solar inverters includes the M15A, M20A and M30A Flex models, which are ideal for applications and environments that require low noise levels. The M50A, M70A and M100A Flex models, on the other hand, are intended for large rooftop installations. The top-of-the-line M100A Flex model, with features such as arc fault detection, AC/DC type 2 surge arresters (DC type 1+2 optional), anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation), reverse polarity protection, and string monitoring with fast I-V curve data output, is especially suited for large commercial rooftop PV systems. Another highlight in the Delta portfolio is the proven M125HV with 140 kilo volt-amps and a peak efficiency of 99.1 percent.Its 20 DC inputs allow maximum flexibility in the design of module strings in large ground-mounted systems. Delta thus offers solar inverters for all system sizes - from small private systems to large ground-mounted solar power plants.

Solutions for energy storage

The volatility of renewable energy coupled with the expansion of e-mobility is increasingly causing problems in energy distribution and supply. Demand for energy storage solutions to balance supply and demand has therefore increased significantly. For commercial and industrial customers, Delta therefore offers its Energy Storage Skid Solution as an energy storage solution. This is an integrated, prefabricated energy storage system consisting of PCS (Power Conditioning System), battery, power distribution system, and control and communication systems. All components are pre-configured in a base system and integrated into the "DeltaGrid" Energy Management System.The innovative platform with digital service and advanced power control functions is compact and quick to install, adaptable to current needs, and flexibly expandable.

EV charging solutions

Finally, Delta's comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure solutions for electric vehicle charging completes the Smart Energy Solutions triad. To date, Delta has delivered more than two million charging stations. These include AC and DC charging stations as well as fast chargers for private, commercial and public applications and fleet solutions.