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The editorial staff of the magazine " LOGISTRA ", a practice-oriented magazine for commercial vehicle fleets and warehouse logistics, had nominated 24 particularly trend-setting and clever products and solutions in eight categories. In the "Warehousing and Picking" category, readers then chose the "Maintenance 4.0 for Intralogistics" concept, which was jointly realized by the automotive supplier Schaeffler and the storage and logistics expert SSI Schaefer. It involves continuous condition monitoring of drives, such as those used in storage and retrieval machines, lifting stations or spiral conveyors. Predictive maintenance is supplemented by centrally controlled re-lubrication of chain conveyors and roller conveyors, as soon as it is required. The data and operating parameters are also visualized.

In practice, Schaeffler's SmartCheck will apparently use internal analysis software to detect impending bearing damage, wear, imbalances, alignment errors and other abnormalities and report them to SSI Schaefer's WIAMAS Lighthouse logistics cockpit. Subsequently, the Schaeffler Concept8 lubrication systems equipped with specially developed lubricating pinions take over the continuous and precise re-lubrication of the chain conveyors and roller conveyors during operation. The plan is for customers to use Schaeffler's digital services to further intensify data analysis and automatically provide the maintenance engineer with recommendations for action.