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The main reason for installing a manufacturing execution system (MES) is to streamline production processes to ensure or, better still, boost competitiveness. To achieve this, a state-of-the-art MES enables companies to capture and evaluate production-related data along the entire value creation chain and display it virtually in real-time. Personnel can then respond quickly to unplanned incidents in their normal working day and initiate suitable countermeasures. An MES should essentially provide a reliable database that aids both snap and strategic decisions. But how do you know what it can really achieve in your own company? After all, you can’t wait forever for investments to pay off – and the same goes for the software you choose for your production environment.

To help predict amortization times on a case by case basis, MPDV Mikrolab GmbH – the developer and operator of the renowned modular MES HYDRA – has unveiled its own ROI analyzer. This free online tool is designed to reliably calculate the savings a company can make by introducing certain MES functions – both in specific production areas and throughout the company. The precise ROI is calculated using selected company parameters to produce a customized projection of the potential cost reductions in relation to throughput times, employee efficiency, machine productivity and quality.

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