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As Industry 4.0 implementation progresses, ever more components are being integrated into digital process control. This is turning previously passive elements into active components which pass on data that can be used for troubleshooting or further processing. Esslingen-based Bauer Gear Motor GmbH has developed TorqueControl4.0 with the aim of also incorporating electric motors even more effectively into this process in the future. Developed under the slogan "Geared Motor Goes Online", TorqueControl4.0 has been combined with a mains-powered geared motor to create an Industry 4.0 component with a range of useful additional functions.

For instance, the new development offers a soft start function and an overload clutch. What's more, operating data can be collected and forwarded for monitoring purposes. For example, TorqueControl4.0 performs rapid and precise current and voltage measurements to evaluate, display and report on the torque progression during a particular process. The parameters can be configured to switch off the drive in the event of an overload so as to prevent serious damage. At the same time, the electronics can limit the starting current as with a conventional soft start. Connecting TorqueControl4.0 via an IO link enables geared motors to be integrated into the machine control system without additional components. The electronics module is housed compactly in a protected environment in the electric motor's terminal box.

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