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Software AG is expanding the functionality of its in-house ARIS platform for process transformation and management by adding a new component to create digital twins . Not only does this provide process visualization for individual divisions within companies, it is also a comprehensive all-in-one package for digitally mapping all operational business. The solution allows in-depth insights into relationships and dependencies between systems, processes and employees for the purposes of analysis and optimization.

Alongside typically industrial matters such as harmonizing the IT and IIoT solutions used and collecting process data to analyze and optimize production, the Enterprise Digital Twin also offers numerous additional features. These include analyzing the in-house business strategy, automation options for governance, risk and compliance including risk identification, and tools to improve individual customer relationships. Software AG cites supply chain and quality management along with along risk management and compliance as examples of its areas of application.

Digital twins are often considered to be the epitome of machinery and system digitization, and as a result the expectations on the new technology are high: according to a Bitkom study, they are expected to provide a EUR 78.5 billion productivity boost in six key sectors of German industry alone by 2025.