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Taking measurements in industrial environments often involves extremely harsh conditions and places enormous strain on the technology used. In glass smelting or rotary cement kilns, for example, the equipment has to both withstand extremely high ambient temperatures and work in particularly narrowband spectral ranges that have been optimized for the process. At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, DIAS Infrared GmbH from Dresden is exhibiting its PYRONIC thermal imaging camera systems, which are specially designed for non-contact temperature measurement in the demanding conditions inside combustion chambers.

The new PYRONIC 768N combustion chamber camera works in the near-infrared wavelength range around 1 µm and boasts an impressively wide continuous measurement range from 600 to 1,800 degrees Celsius. A water-cooled, stainless steel sensor-cooling jacket acts as a heat shield for the camera, which features a borescope lens system with motor-controlled focus and a sapphire protection window. To ensure the camera can be inserted directly into an opening in the wall of a combustion chamber, the infrared radiation inlet has been kept particularly small and fitted with a patented air purge system. An additional automatic retraction device makes sure the system survives the high temperatures and extreme duress over years of continuous industrial use.