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The innovative continuous fiber 3D printing technology developed by Endless Industries is intended to enable the production of parts with greater strength, rigidity and durability as well as the production of complex geometries at a lower weight. Endless Industries says it supports companies in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and mechanical engineering.

Material development is at the heart of the company. According to Endless Industries, it is the company's own continuous carbon fiber material that enables users to print stable parts that are also lightweight. The Berlin-based company can now offer a variety of different fiber and polymer combinations that can be processed with the patented special print head, which was also developed in-house.

Endless Industries works together with established manufacturers of industrial 3D printers in order to keep the path of its own technology to the customer as short as possible. The aim is to provide users with sophisticated, professional hardware that can produce parts with outstanding strength, rigidity and durability quickly and cost-effectively - be it robust spare parts, important tools or durable series components.