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The startup center, which goes by the provisional name of DGZG, will support local startups with premises, administration and personnel. Customized advertising campaigns and jointly organized events are also planned. The finance is in place and a site has already been found: the digital startup center will be located in a building in the Areal Pro business park in the nearby district of Leipheim. The estimated costs for the first 15 years of rent, initial equipment and operation are approx. EUR 2.7 million. The district of Günzburg is contributing EUR 1.25 million, the state of Bavaria EUR 1.2 million and the town of Leipheim EUR 250,000; sponsors are also involved. The Bavarian government has also promised a grant of EUR 1.25 million for infrastructure costs.

As a rural area, the district of Günzburg seems to be attractive for startup companies: their number rose by 7.5% in 2018. Among other things in its favor, Günzburg has good links to the A8 Munich – Stuttgart highway and is close to some established, well-known companies. The popularity of the entrepreneurs’ consultation days , held twice annually, points to a strong interest in the location.