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The Finnish company Delfoi Oy, which was founded in 1990, is a pioneer in offline robot programming and considered a world-ranking expert in production simulation, fine planning and implementation. Delfoi's robotics product portfolio, which consists of the programs Delfoi ARC, Delfoi CUT and Delfoi PAINT, covers extensive areas in industrial robotic applications. Its innovative solutions stem from more than 20 years of developing software to meet the requirements of a wide range of fields such as the automotive, machine building, aerospace technology, structural steel and shipbuilding sectors. The company is at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to showcase Version 4.0 of its Delfoi ARC offline programming software.

Delfoi describes the ARC 4.0 as the most cutting-edge offline programming technology available on the market. The software offers numerous new and unique functions for arc or laser welding and plasma or laser cutting to further simplify and speed up programming and welding simulations and visualizations. The Delfoi ARC 4.0 OLP software sports a range of features that make it a truly unique solution for saving time, cutting costs and ensuring high quality. It accelerates and streamlines both programming and processing weld paths and programs, its quality control ensures accurate and smooth paths, and its advanced calibration tools and precise path management achieve precise tool paths. Last but not least, it supports all major brands of robots, thus making it a truly universal solution.